The Original Dock Tip-Up™
Tip up fishing from a dock, at night, summer time and for Stripers, Bass, and big game fish.

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Original Dock Tip-Up For Catching Large Game Fish From A Dock

The Original Dock Tip-up™ is a Tip-up Alert - Hand Retrieve System that’s perfect for dock fishing.  After dark, big fish feed and you’ll enjoy many other leisurely activities while the multiple audio / visual alarms alert you to strikes.  Because tip ups are a proven way to catch fish you’ll have fun and fish more without expensive fish lights.  Frequently Asked Questions

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Combines big game fishing right from your dock with the excitement, novelty, and fascination of tip-up fishing.  This is a heavy duty, big game dock tip-up designed for large game fish and using a compact design that’s built to last.  Hear From Others Who Tried It  

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Hand-crafted on Smith Lake, Alabama from a family who loves fishing.  Catch big fish . . . At home . . . Right from your dock!  We can remember many times after the sun went down, The Original Dock Tip-up™ perched on our dock, and then catching what most would consider as the fish of a lifetime.  Expensive fish attracting light not neededOrder The Original Dock Tip Up

You get the tip-up with reel, high performance end swivel, Stealth Black  main line, High Visibility White  backing, Driftmaster ‘Lil Pro rod holder and ‘Lil Pro aluminum star mount (screws included), blaze orange flag (clip included), Line Marker, Frabill Arctic Light (9 volt battery included), depth finder.  PLUS personalized set up instructions.

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